Thursday, March 15, 2012

Locker Room Songs - Larry Pierce

Locker Room Songs - Larry Pierce


Genre: Comedy

Years Active: '90s, '00s

With trifle titles like "This Girl Makes Me Horny," it is in some degree easy to see which direction Larry Pierce is advent from. Much like the Mentors, his sexist, uncooked humor is absolutely blatant, there is ~t one subtlety or clever jokes involved. Pierce started releasing minstrelsy in the early '90s, spitting wanting album after album of sexually unambiguous country music. He...

Track list

Hunting Two Legged Deer
Come Dance by reason of Me
Handprints On Your Dress
You'll Never Have To Work Again
Are You Coming Home Tonight?
Stank Up the Whole Room
One Night Stand
I Want You Again
Don't Pretend You're Sleeping
Hillbilly Girl Friend
Cutting the Cheese
She's In the Arms of Another Woman
Good Women Don't Come Free
Dump That Jerk and Come With Me
Wanna Make a Video?
Grab Me when We're Dancing
When the Carnival Came To Town
Silent Treatment
Pussy Whipped
Pussy Whipped
Pussy Whipped
Dirty Old Man
Pussy Whipped
Best of Red Peters Comedy Music Hour, Vol. 1
Hard Hat Hits
I Want to Be a Pimp
Dirty Old Man
Best of Larry Pierce

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